Survival Tips From Gavin McInnes

|   Canadian Writer, Creative Director, and Co-founder of Vice Magazine, Gavin Mcinnes Shares Some of His Personal Survival Tactics of How to Catch a Fish with Nothing but a Worm Of…

Canadian writer, creative director, and co-founder of Vice Magazine, Gavin McInnes shares some of his personal survival tactics of how to catch a fish with nothing but a worm of sorts, should the need arise. If you are unable to view it, you may need to log into your YouTube account, as this video is rated 18+ and would probably frowned upon viewing while at work, or in the presence of impressionable minds that may attempt to take it upon themselves to try this in a real-world setting (NSFW).

About the Author

Travis has been an entrepreneur since the mid-90′s, with a background centered around information technology and engineering. He is the marketing guru of the team, implementing the myriad of ideas and concepts. His passion for decades has remained the innovative and practical side of fishkeeping, focusing various Pevicachromis species, Monocirrhus polyacanthus, and Mastacembelus erythrotaenia. In 2013, he began leveraging his technological and engineering background to develop an efficient, cost-effective filtration system, designed with home hobbyists and breeders in mind.
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