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Overview: Invest in Your Success
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Overview: Invest in Your Success

We understand the difficulties involved with running a business, and adding additional tasks like promoting your business or product can be a daunting task. After all, we're business owners too. By leveraging our technological, marketing, event production, and risk management backgrounds, our team has developed a unique service that focuses on community development, conservation awareness, events, media coverage, and content distribution, effectively bridging the gap between industry members, local retailers, and the consumer or hobbyist.

Based on our achievements, we consider ourselves trailblazers in the industry of online marketing in the realm of aquatics. Chances are, having seen what we have accomplished since mid-2013, you probably do too. Our team thrives on thinking outside of the box and utilizing our unique, individual talents to our advantage. Let's create some synergy between our organizations that promotes positive growth and create something amazing together!

Milestones & Statistics

Sponsorship Opportunities

We are always on the lookout for new opportunities to establish strategic partnerships with innovative industry members. We request that all of our curated sponsors provide our organization with an annual allotment of complimentary product for review, use, and distribution. In return, our organization will provide product reviews and/or articles about the product, hands-on demonstrations during specific events, and inclusion of your brand/logo on our website showcasing your organization as an official sponsor. Understand that by providing complimentary products to our organization, you are engaging in a marketing campaign, not a charitable contribution. We gauge our promotional content for each brand based both on the individual value of a product, and the accumulated annual allotment value received. In short, the more prizes we have made available by you for our subscribers, the more exposure your brand or product will receive.

If you have any special requests, or are ready to proceed, contact us so we can grow together!

Advertise With Us

It is through your generous support that we are able to provide outstanding content and events to members. We offer several campaign options to suit your needs:

  • Website
    • Sponsored articles
    • Product reviews
    • Ad space/banner ads
    • Press releases
  • Social Media
    • Custom marketing campaigns
    • Product release/promotion
  • Events
    • Promotion
    • Coverage
    • Production/coordination
    • Staffing

Have you been burned on website ad space before? Banner ads aren't dead; they are simply being blocked by ad-blocking software. By leveraging custom code that constantly detects and adapts, we are able to ensure successful delivery of all promotional content featured on our website, yielding exceptional results.

Our statistics are published regularly, and ad-space pricing is available for our sponsors and advertising partners to review. Due to the intricacies involved with social media campaigns and events, we can provide a custom quote once we have had the opportunity to review your request.

Once you are ready to proceed, contact us so we can grow together!

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