Is your brain a locker full of knowledge? Why not share your wealth of knowledge with the community, by becoming a contributing author for the Central Florida Aquarium Society!

By becoming more active in your local aquatic community, you can help others and make a name for yourself, becoming a reliable source that other members can look up to and trust that the information you provide to them, is accurate and up-to-date.

We are currently looking for new bloggers to join our team. We look for writers who can develop the following content:

  • Equipment Reviews
  • Do It Yourself (DIY) / How To Guides
  • Scientific Journal reviews and summaries
  • Industry News
  • Event coverage
  • Conservation actions
  • Product Announcements
  • Freshwater / Marine aquaculture reviews
  • Aquascaping / Planted tank reviews

We offer complete freedom throughout your writing process.

We never impose quotas on our authors – we feel that in doing so stifles creativity and removes the fun elements from the process. Once completed at your leisure, simply mark your post as ready for publishing. Our editor will proof for any formatting or grammatical errors, and schedule your post to be published in the next available window. Once your post is live, your authoring account will be credited based on your submission.

We appreciate all that our authors do to contribute to the hobby and CFLAS. As a way to say thank you, an assigned credit value is applied to authoring accounts for each article published. You may exchange your credits for a number of aquatic supplies we have available, courtesy of our sponsors. Unable to pick up your item(s) in person, or want to send a gift to someone? Don't worry, CFLAS will cover the shipping fees anywhere within the contiguous United States.

Ready to sign up? Send us a message requesting to be part of the CFLAS authoring program!

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