Team Members

Board of Directors

Travis Fillmen, ChairmanChief Executive Officer, LunarSky Productions, Inc.

Travis has been an entrepreneur since the mid-90's, with a background centered around information technology and engineering. He is the marketing guru of the team, implementing the myriad of ideas and concepts. His passion for decades has remained the innovative and practical side of fishkeeping, focusing various Pevicachromis species, Monocirrhus polyacanthus, and Mastacembelus erythrotaenia. In 2013, he began leveraging his technological and engineering background to develop an efficient, cost-effective filtration system, designed with home hobbyists and breeders in mind.

Ray Wise, CISA, Vice-ChairmanRisk Management / Accounting, City of Orlando

Ray's professional background is in governance, risk management, and compliance, and is a Certified Information Systems Auditor. By day, he is a mild-mannered business professional; by night, he becomes a mad scientist of planted tanks. His true passion lies in creating self-sustaining aquatic ecosystems through meddling with the forces of nature. He has that old school style – cutting his teeth with Pelvicachromis pulcher, ultimately falling in love with Apistogramma and other dwarf cichlids.

Denna Beena, Event CoordinatorProducer, Pink Hair Productions / Spooky Empire, Inc.

Denna is one of Orlando's premier, award-winning event coordinators and producers. Her positive attitude and impeccable organization skills are an asset to any production she is involved with. Denna works closely with the local arts community, volunteers as an Animal Ambassador at the Central Florida Zoo, and hosts fund raisers to benefit cancer research and survivors.

Kina Richardson, MBALead Probation Officer, Pasco County, Florida Board of County Commissioners

Kina's professional background is in governance and accounting, leveraging her leadership abilities as a former military police officer and Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree. When she is not enforcing regulations, Kina is an avid cos-player, and enjoys exploring the world of Ryukin and Bubble-Eyed goldfish.

Khashayar ShirvanSergeant, Florida Department of Corrections

Khashayar is a brilliant engineer and fabricator. He is truly a DIY pro in our hobby, constantly developing new methods, or improving on existing ways of doing things in the never-ending quest for knowledge.

Advisory Board

Christina DuncanCo-Owner, Fancy Tails Fish Farm (Sebring, FL)

Christina comes from a long line of aquaculture farmers, breeders, and retailers. She is co-owner of an aquaculture farm in Sebring, Florida, specializing in aquatic plants for the home aquarium and pond, freshwater and marine ornamental tropical fish, and custom pond installations. Christina's involvement on the board provides us with a unique opportunity to explore the world of aquaculture farming and responsible breeding practices, not commonly accessible to hobbyists. She is very creative and enjoys aquascaping and teaching others about the hobby.

Ethan Albright, Lord of the PlatiesCo-Owner, Fancy Tails Fish Farm (Sebring, FL)

Ethan comes from a deeply-rooted aquaculture background, with a focus on care, breeding, and engineering. He utilizes his construction skills to create custom installations including pool decks, aquarium breeding and display racks, nature trails, ponds, and natural swimming pools. He is often referred to as the "Lord of the Platies" for his work with livebearers, specifically the Platy, and currently studies the breeding behaviors of freshwater Angelfish.

Manuel CloOwner, Towncar Orlando Florida

Manuel ("Manny") runs an Orlando-based upscale transportation business while he pursues his degree in Environmental Engineering. With his masters in planted aquaria and his doctorate in aquascaping, Manny's passion for the hobby is nothing short of remarkable. As the resident expert in the high-tech planted aquarium field, he is a wealth of knowledge just bursting at the seams to help you succeed!

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