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In addition to being cited on the web and in the news by a growing number of local, national, and international media outlets, the Central Florida Aquarium Society continues to cultivate new ideas that will have a positive impact in our community; but don't take our word for it:

“The Central Florida Aquarium Society has a great post up on the original mural and local artist Jeanette Scheurr who painted the undersea mural.”
Matthew Broffman, Bungalower
“What a tremendous way to share the hobby and share aquatic life, fresh and saltwater, with the community, do some education, and give artists a way to show off their work in really a different environment. I really applaud them for being creative with this!”
Gary Parr & Christine Williams, Reef Threads
“It has been such a growing experience and I am so extremely proud of how Immersed turned out!”
CityArts Factory
“There's still time to catch the “Immersed” Exhibit at CityArts Factory!”
David Wheeler, Chairman, Downtown Arts District
“$3,500 dollar aquarium being auctioned during the CFLAS Immersed show!”
CityArts Factory
“CFLAS Immersed opens to rave reviews!”
“Artistically aquasculpted aquariums.”
Orlando Weekly
“Orlando's First Aquaculture Art Exhibit. CFLAS is installing a webcam so that those who are unable to make it to the exhibit, are still able to view it.”
“Aquariums, whether large or small, are always a form of art, letting the designer express their creativity and style throughout the tank. The Central Florida Aquarium Society (CFLAS) will be hosting “Immersed”, Orlando's first ever aquaculture art gallery exhibit.”
“Water and Art come together…. We'll see this from @officialcflas … The new exhibit will feature a mix of aquascaped and hardscaped aquariums as living art installations, along side a gallery lined with themed photography, paintings, sketches, and sculptures.”
Central Florida Top 5
“Central Florida Aquarium Society visits CowFish North Carolina Location, Hints at Orlando Awesomeness. Aquariums designed and installed by Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM), the guys from the reality TV show, Tanked!”
“Recently I was fortunate enough to receive a commission request from the Central Florida Aquarium Society (USA). I was asked if I would be interested in illustrating (and designing) a promotional poster and flyer for their future annual community art exhibition occurring in February. Naturally I said yes. If in Florida during February the 20th swing past the CityArts Factory for this exhibition which unites art with aquatic life.”
Miranda Costa, MCDrawn
“The move is being welcomed in Orlando and Ray Wise, Vice-Chairman of Central Florida Aquarium Society commented “It's great to see another cultural attraction coming to the Orlando area. We are excited to see an increased interest in small-scale aquatics. This also means more skilled jobs in our local community.””
Nigel Worrall, Florida Leisure
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