Zach Ransom


Inspired at a young age by the adventures of renowned underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau, Zach Ransom obtained his first SCUBA certification immediately upon turning age 12. His love of photography soon followed him into the water, and he has continued to study and practice the art of underwater photography for the last decade. Born and raised in the land-locked state of Indiana, Zach has always maintained a determination to stay connected to the ocean. Before graduating with degrees in Biology and Psychology from Purdue University, Zach travelled to Australia where he studied tropical marine ecology in the field, and made his first visit aboard Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions. Thereafter, his primary focus has been on capturing the grace and power of the world’s sharks with his photos, in an attempt to draw attention to the many dangers that threaten these magnificent predators. After obtaining his Dive Master certification at age 20, Zach returned to Australia to volunteer with Rodney Fox Expeditions in 2009, where he assisted Andrew Fox with tagging of Great White Sharks and solidified his passion for shark conservation. During his college years, Zach volunteered regularly as an aquarist and diver at the Indianapolis Zoo. Upon his graduation in 2010, he moved to Florida and obtained an aquarist position at SeaWorld Orlando, where he continues to work today, educating the public about the plight of the oceans and what everyone can do to make a difference.  At age 25, Zach has logged over 2,000 dives around the world, and is persistent in his search to share the waters with sharks and other large marine predators. His photographs have been used in public displays and exhibitions, and have been featured by National Geographic and Scuba Diving Magazine. Prints of his work reside in hundreds of private homes across the country. Zach continues to explore the potential of his photography, and attempts to capture the beauty of marine organisms in their natural state.


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