Pyrosomes Thousands Call Home

|   Pyrosomes Are Cylindrical or Conical-shaped Colonies Made Up of Hundreds to Thousands of Zooids – Individual animals That Are Part of a Colonial Animal. These Jelly-like, Free-floating Marine Filter-feeders – Or…

Pyrosomes are cylindrical or conical-shaped colonies made up of hundreds to thousands of zooids – individual animals that are part of a colonial animal. These jelly-like, free-floating marine filter-feeders – or tunicates – generally live in the upper regions of the open ocean where it is warmer. Colonies can reach upwards of several meters in length, while the individuals that make up the pyrosome colony are only about 1-2 centimeters in length. Each zooid is embedded in the wall of the tube, drawing in nutrients from the interior, expelling water and waste outside. This process propels the giant pyrosome colony as a while. When touched, a wave of bioluminescent light travels along the community.


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