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|   Our Friends over At green Pleco, Creator of the Original Plecostomus Plush, Have Sent Us a Bunch of These Amazing 12″ Plushies. These Playful, Colorful Armored Catfish Come in a Variety…

Our friends over at Green Pleco, creator of the Original Plecostomus Plush, have sent us a bunch of these amazing 12″ plushies. These playful, colorful armored catfish come in a variety of patterns resembling their living counterparts, like the Emperor, Zebra, Marble, Royal, and our personal favorite, the Sunshine plecostomus. They even have suction cups, so you can stick them on the window in your home or office, on the side of your aquarium, or even in the car. The best part is, you have a shot at winning one every month by visiting!

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