Marineland's Essential LED POD Modular Lighting Shines at Global Pet Expo 2018

|   User-customized Modular Led Lighting System

Making its debut at Global Pet Expo 2018 is the Marineland Fully Adjustable Essential LED Light with LED POD modular lighting system which utilizes pucks, or pods housing a small cluster of LED's, which snap into place on an integrated track, neatly tucked away in their familiar sleek black aluminum housing.

The underlying track lighting system dubbed Marineland's Fully Adjustable Essential LED Light sized for 36-42″ aquariums include 5 white and 2 blue LED PODS which allow for custom positioning. Owners can further customize their tanks with at least 10 different types of pods available in 2×2 (2-LED) configurations, with the enhanced color changing modules with sunrise, sunset, lightning, and cloud effects available in both 2×2 (4-LED) and 2×3 (6-LED) configurations, one of which includes a remote.

The available LED POD configurations include:

  • 50/50 White & Blue (4000K warm white & 460nm blue)
  • Color Enhancing (4000K warm white with 630nm red)
  • Cool White (10000K cool white)
  • High Output Cool White (10000K cool white with focused lenses)
  • Warm White (4000K warm white)
  • Lunar Blue (460nm blue)
  • High Output Lunar Blue (460nm blue with focused lenses)
  • Plant Growth (460nm blue & 630nm red)
  • High Def White (460nm blue, 520nm green, & 630nm red)
  • Color Changing (mixed colors with sunrise, sunset, lightning and cloud effects w/optional remote)

I commend Marineland on their approach to addressing a lighting problem many hobbyists have faced. Customization is highly sought after among hobbyists who regularly make adjustments to their aquariums. The added benefit of repurposing a lighting fixture from a marine to freshwater system could be very cost effective if priced right.

We do not currently have pricing or a timeline for distribution on this product, but will provide an update when this information comes available.

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