Sponsor Unveils Latest Advancement in Technology: Introducing Dropcam Tabs

|   In February 2014, Leader in Video Streaming Technology, Dropcam, Generously Provided Us with a Dropcam Pro, Allowing Us to Share a Live Video Feed of Our Immersed Aquaculture Art Gallery…

In February 2014, leader in video streaming technology, Dropcam, generously provided us with a Dropcam Pro, allowing us to share a live video feed of our Immersed aquaculture art gallery exhibit with our friends around the world. We also were able to log into the Dropcam website and export a time-lapse video clip from opening night.


The Dropcam team has done it again, preparing to release its latest product, Dropcam Tabs. These small adhesive sensors link up with the Dropcam Pro, providing the pathway to send out a notice to your phone when a door, window, briefcase, or even an aquarium lid, is opened.

If you operate an aquatics store and already have a Dropcam Pro for your shop, this may be a great addition to your shop for monitoring! A Dropcam Pro is a great way to provide your customers a way to interact with your shop remotely. Whether for showing off new livestock, focusing on a display tank, or as a security monitoring tool, the uses of the Dropcam Pro are pretty endless and provide added value to your shop, and your customers.


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