DIY: PVC Flared Nozzle

|   Sometimes, It is Difficult, or Often Expensive to Work with Loc-line. Working with Pvc Can Be Both Inexpensive, and Rewarding. Here's a Great Pro Tip for Your Next Sump Return.…

Sometimes, it is difficult, or often expensive to work with Loc-Line. Working with PVC can be both inexpensive, and rewarding. Here's a great pro tip for your next sump return.

Take a piece of PVC pipe and heat it up with a heat gun. We cannot stress enough, use a heat gun, not a blow torch. As the PVC begins to become pliable, insert a flat piece of metal. You can pick something up at your local supply store, such as SkyCraft in Winter Park, FL, or AstroToo in Melbourne, FL, two of our favorite where you can find just about anything! You could also use a carpenters square – just be careful not to warp it with too much heat!

Be sure to apply enough heat to achieve a nice, smooth transition. When finished, remove the metal insert and sand down the edges. Trim it down if needed to give it a nice, professional look, and finish with a coat or two of black Krylon Fusion, which is specifically formulated to adhere to plastics, including PVC. Thanks Quang Tam for this great solution!

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