Reef Threads Podcast Shines Light into the Depths of Immersed

|   Periodically, Several of Us at the Central Florida Aquarium Society Will Search Through Google for Any Stories or Publications Relevant to Our Community-based Projects and Our Organization.  needless to Say,…

Periodically, several of us at the Central Florida Aquarium Society will search through Google for any stories or publications relevant to our community-based projects and our organization.  Needless to say, we were thrilled when we came across a podcast by hosts Gary and Christine over at Reef Threads, who applauded CFLAS for their creative efforts and truly going above and beyond what the average club does, in an effort to reach out to the community. This was a very humbling experience. We truly appreciate the fact that our Immersed event has garnered our hobby, and our organization, so much attention. There were over a thousand guests in attendance during our 3-hour soiree opening night. The positive reaction from our local community is reassuring that different is not only good, but welcomed. We look forward to producing more fun and educational events that enable us to further showcase the diversity of our hobby. Thank you for your support Gary, Christine, and Reef Threads!

Note: The segment that talks about Immersed runs from 36:45 – 44:35.

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