Southern Delight Fish Foods Giveaway

|   Back in February, when Southern Delight Fish Foods sent Us Their Entire Product Line and then Some, to Give Away, and Try Out. 3 Months Have Passed Since We Accepted Their…

Back in February, when Southern Delight Fish Foods sent us their entire product line and then some, to give away, and try out. 3 months have passed since we accepted their challenge, and the results we have witnessed have been quite impressive.

When compared side-by-side to other quality brands we had been feeding for years, we immediately noticed the frenzy that ensued with every feeding, unlike any other dry staple. Colors were more vibrant, growth rates increased by upwards of 50%, and fish health, both mental and physical, seemed to be heightened.

As you browse our website, you may take notice of who our sponsors are. The Central Florida Aquarium Society does not partner with just anyone. We focus on quality brands that we can truly stand behind. Southern Delight is just such a brand. The best part is they are local to Florida! We've thoroughly enjoyed the products they have sent us to test with, and we would love to extend the opportunity for you to do the same.

Leave us a comment on our Facebook giveaway post below, telling us what kind of fish you keep. We will choose a couple lucky winners at random to receive some Southern Delight Fish Food! Entries must be received by 9pm Sunday, June 8, 2014, and the winners announced soon after. If you don't happen to win, we highly recommend heading to your local fish shop that carries the Southern Delight brand and picking some of this bottled awesomeness up for your underwater friends! Good luck!

Update: Congratulations to our winners, Todd Simpson of Deltona, Florida who won a large container of Small Koi Food, and David Jackson of Orlando, Florida who won a large container of Powerfeed, both generously provided by Southern Delight Fish Foods! (Announced 6/9/2014)

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