2014 Father's Day Sales in Central Florida

|   Happy Fathers Day to All the Dad's out There, from the Team at the Central Florida Aquarium Society! Here Are Several Specials Local Area Shops Are Running for Dad's Special…

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad's out there, from the team at the Central Florida Aquarium Society! Here are several specials local area shops are running for Dad's special day.

“He does not want socks, a sorry cake, or lifts for his shoes, or even a can of Valvoline. He want's aquarium stuff!”
– Rich, Fishy Business

This list will be continually updated through Fathers Day, so check back often.



Fishy Business Aquarium Website – Facebook
Sale Items: All live plants, freshwater tropical fish, African Cichlids, corals, frags, saltwater fish, filters, lighting, and gift certificates.




Sea in the City Website – Facebook – Sale Ad
Sale Items: 15% off 1 frag, 20% off 2 frags, 25% off 3 or more frags, Yellow Tangs $16.95, Tongan Nassarius Snails 30% off, Mexican Red Leg Hermits $0.89, Yellow Eye Kole Tang $29.00.



Nolans Aquarium WebsiteFacebookSale Ad
Sale Items: Clearance Sale Items 70% off, 20% off all Zoanthids, buy 1 get 1 free on select fish (Mollies, Guppies, Platties, & Swordtails), 15% off Clownfish with purchase of Anemone, buy 2 get 1 free on all freshwater plants. Check their Facebook page for 2 money-saving coupons; 35% off a single item, and 20% off your purchase.



Top Shelf Aquatics WebsiteFacebookSale Ad
Sale Items: Up to 50% off blowout red tag sale on select fish and corals, 15% off all fish and corals, and buy 2 get 1 free frags, 3 large filter socks $20.99, 3 small filter socks $17.99, small Ocellaris Clowns $7.99, Wyoming White Clowns $49.99, Marineland Activated Carbon and RowaPhos 20% off, Large Queen Trigger $59.99, large Stars and Stripes Puffer $34.99, large Adult Emperor Angel $74.99, medium Orange Shoulder Tang $24.99, large Bariene Tang $39.99, XL Bariene Tang $49.99, medium Niger Trigger $19.99, medium Pebble Butterfly $19.99, medium Foxface $24.99, large Ocean Surgeon Tang $24.99, Fire Clown $9.99, Thompson Tang $29.99, Skunk Clown $9.99, Big Eye Squirrelfish $19.99, Balloon Puffer $19.99.



Ocean Direct WebsiteFacebookSale Ad
Sale Items: Flame Angels $34.99, Red Rock Flower Anemones $34.99, Caribbean Live Rock $3.49lb, Mex Red Leg Hermits $0.89, Margarita Snails $0.89, Black Turbo Snails $0.89, 15% off coral colonies and fish, and buy 1 frag get 1 50% off.

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