Ruptured T-Rex Display Gets A Makeover

|   Earlier This Year in March, the Central Florida Aquarium Society Brought You the Story on the Aquarium at T-rex Cafe Rupturing, Captured on Video Spilling Thousands of Gallons of Water…

Earlier this year in March, the Central Florida Aquarium Society brought you the story on the aquarium at T-Rex Cafe rupturing, captured on video spilling thousands of gallons of water throughout the restaurant.

But things are starting to look up, as our friends over at Poseidon Construction sent us some exclusive photos of the new insert for the afflicted T-Rex Cafe display tank. We think the team did a phenomenal job, and are well on the way of helping turn a dreary situation into something positive!

Miguel Diaz, Director of Operations at Poseidon, explained to us that it took a team of 4-5 people approximately eight days to recreate the insert. The lengthy process included power-washing the salvaged insert, stripping off all of the old corals, patching all of the holes, moving arches around and adding additional ones, completely repainting the rock structure, adding in the new corals, and finally, triple clear-coating the entire insert.

Poseidon Construction personally delivered the insert to Reynolds. The team does not yet have any information regarding the installation as of yet.

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