Launch of Central Florida Aquarium Society's Website

|   The New 2014 Website of the Central Florida Aquarium Society (cflas) Went Live on November 28, 2013. the Cflas Community Now Has Access to a Fully Functional and Informative Website. the Launch…

The new 2014 website of the Central Florida Aquarium Society (CFLAS) went live on November 28, 2013. The CFLAS community now has access to a fully functional and informative website. The launch of the new website, which offers quick and easy access to essential information on CFLAS, local community-related aquaculture events, is part of the organization’s ongoing efforts to enhance the quality and availability of information to members and partners throughout the greater Central Florida region. The website boasts a modern, colorful design and is optimized for accessibility and ease of use.

The website has been designed to offer two special features: a database of for publications from CFLAS, its partners and the industry, and a custom search engine. The website’s user-friendly nature provides users with more efficient access to the organization’s resources. Other new functions include a video and photo gallery, access to CFLAS and its partners, sponsors, local shops and breeders via Google map and the possibility to download extracts of CFLAS news in an e-magazine format.

We look forward to the continued expansion of this system and providing our community, artists, partners, and sponsors with excellent service.

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