IceCap Smart RODI Packs a Ton of Great Features

|   Coming This Fall of 2014, Icecap, a Company Once Known for Their 660 Electronic Ballasts, is Relaunching with a Number of New Aquarium Products Including a State of the Art…

Coming this fall of 2014, IceCap, a company once known for their 660 electronic ballasts, is relaunching with a number of new aquarium products including a state of the art new eco-friendly smart reverse osmosis system.  The IceCap EcoFriendly Smart RODI System is a 4 stage reverse osmosis system like no other. It is equipped with a quiet booster pump which allows the system to run at peak efficiency capable of providing a 2 to 1 waste to product water ration and upwards of 150GPD* of pure product water making it a very Eco Friendly reverse osmosis unit. This unique RODI unit is fully managed by an intelligent yet simple system controller that fully automates the entire water purification process and supports a few handy safety features that set it apart from any other system currently in the marketplace. The IceCap Smart RODI features include leak detection, system run timer, filter replacement notification, high efficiency and a special ElectroDeposition coating to help protect the steel frame from rusting among many others.


IceCap Smart Controller Features

  • Fully automated water management with visual system status icons
  • 3-point TDS readout (before filter, after membrane, after DI)
  • Timer mode — pre set run times
  • Filter replacement notifications
  • Automatic membrane flush (start; if feed water disconnects; after production; every 2 hours of water production)
  • Manual “strong” flush
  • Back pressure shut off
  • Audible alarm
  • High/Low pressure switches with audible alarms
  • Power conservation mode that automatically shuts off the screen when the unit is not in use
  • System On/Off function
  • Leak detection with audible alarm

System Features

  • Quiet booster pump
  • Heavy duty frame capable of surface or wall mounting
  • Unique electro-deposition frame coating
  • Liquid filled pressure gauge

*Preliminary testing has shown an impressive {2 to 1}- {3-1} waste to product ratio and approximately 120-160 gpd water production. Results may vary, water temperature and pressure dependent.

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